The meaning of the word „author“

The word „author“ is used to discribe the creator of a special work. The word origins from the Latin word „auctor“. Besides, it mostly concerns works of the literature in the farthest sense (author, specialist book, textbook, non-fiction book, screenplay, stage author). Today this word is also used for the inventor of a game. The use of the word in its original meaning becomes rarer, in addition the juridical overtone increases.

Rights, you have:

Authorship encloses a right in the spiritual property in the present. The copyright serves for the protection of the authors work (which is not for sale) and the utilisation right. The concept author or his authorship for a work laid down mostly in writing as a rule or his concept is valid regardless of her publication or (present) non-publication. Different meaning finds within the originators – or authorship, nevertheless, basically, intended not least in accordance with her objective not deliberate or and really achieved public effect from name and work.

The understanding of authorship is subjected to historical changes. In the Middle Ages the concepts expel author and authority with big self-evident fact on each other. The legal terminology being descended, calls auctor the originator, author or agent of a work. Besides, encloses the word meaning, differently than in the modern times, basically the aspect of the authority (auctoritas): Authors are meant who have acquired high respect and have found wide recognition.