The beginning of film is often dated to 1895 when the brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière introduced their „cinématographe“ to the public in Paris with the film „La Sortie des usines Lumière“ (engl.: Workers leaving the Lumière-Factory). The impression of a moving image starts for the human eye at 16 to 18 pictures per minute. The traditional sound film is shot in 24 pictures per minute on 35-mm-film. The idea that film could be an art form of its own and not just an attraction for the masses did not establish itself until the 1920s.

Hollywood and Film: Inextricably

Hollywood has become a synonym for film industry. The so called Golden Age of Hollywood between the 1930s and the late 1950s bore a lot of motion pictures that still today are very popular, like for example those of Alfred Hitchcock or Billy Wilder. Hollywood had a huge influence on film all over the world – an influence that was also watched critically. For example the French film makers of the Nouvelle Vague rejected the „industrialized“ production of film, the star system as well as the power of the studios and contrasted it with the author’s film that was to be more independent and of greater artistic value.

Videos and Movies

The video is different from film concerning aesthetics, purpose and also technical and financial aspects. The digital age has changed the attitude towards film once more. Expensive material or expert knowledge are no longer needed to produce a film. Cameras are affordable and basic film editing can easily be done at home. Digital cameras are picking up and even movie theatres are changing over to digital screening technology.