Hollywood is a district of Los Angeles in the U.S. American state California. The whole world knows this district, because it is the center of the American movie industry. Most of the American movie stars own a villa in Hollywood – there are taxi tours offered which show the most interesting villas in the area.

History of Hollywood

In the year 1911 Hollywood began to become what it is now: the first movie company opened. In the same year, 15 other movie companies changed their headquarters from New York to Hollywood, Los Angeles. They moved because of many factors, one of which were the longer days. In the beginning of the 20th century movies were made mainly with daylight, because there was not the possibility to imitate daylight properly. So the Californian days with their many daylight hours were perfect for the movie makers. Today, the total population of Hollywood is around 123.000 people, many of which belong to the top earners of the United States.

The big letters of hope

In 1923 the city built the word „Hollywoodland“ in large letters in the Hollywood hills – in the hope to trigger real estate sales. Over the years, the letters deteriorated more and more, so in 1978 the letters „Hollywood“ were re-built and now are a well-known landmark all over the world. Another sight in Hollywood is the „Walk of Fame„, where over 2.000 „stars“ are built into the ground, which represent movie stars as well as important events and firms in the city.