… or how to describe a person

Lifestyle describes how an individual person lives his or her life. In general it refers to cultural or subcultural influences (religion, origin), the person’s behaviour and actions, but values, worldview and attitude, which form the personal identity are important parts of a person’s lifestyle as well. Lifestyle means a certain combination of a person’s attitudes in activities, interests and opinions.
The idea of „Lifestyle“ came originally from an Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler in 1929, who was also the founder of the individual psychology.

Hard to define Lifestyle

One the one hand a person’s lifestyle is defined by the person him- or herself, but on the other hand it is influenced by the social environment (how far people around oneself are able to change the one’s behaviour and actions) and technical progresses, such as media, which are also able to change a person’s mind or view over certain things.
On top of that Lifestyle is a topic, which is often discussed because it is of great importance for sale and marketing. In contrast to earlier population breakdowns according to characteristics such as age, gender, income etc., the aim of the „Lifestyle psychology“ is the breakdown of population by typical behaviour patterns.

Individuality wins!

There are made opinion polls to find out patterns in work, hobbies, spare time etc. in addition to the features above. Psychologist are also of the opinion, that an outsider can define a person’s purchase behaviour by observing another person’s lifestyle. Wether it is true or not, the lifestyle is individual and aligned to this individual person.