The media are currently undergoing an astonishing, sometimes frightening process, which may result in a proper cultural revolution, a new percetion of how and when people get information, how they spend their pasttime etc. The Internet has become the universal source of information. that much is clear.

Literature in times of Web 2.0

While before the Internet came along one had to do extensive research in order to get a piece of information, one had to phone around, waiting for answers, today everything is just a mouse click away. This is definitely convenient, and it saves people time and money. But this „one click away“ mentality has its downside, too. A number of experts, scientists, teachers, educators, are complaining that young peope simply do not want to read books. Their source of information is the Internet where they may spond hours on end „chatting“ with total strangers, exchanging unproven facts and so forth. Everything has become fast, accessible any time, and it has to be easy to digest. A danger to peopleĀ“s way of thinking, of viewing the world. Dealing with something in detail, taking one`s time, immersing in a story, maybe a saga, as is the case with proper literary products, serves as both a nice way to spend one`s time and develop imaginary and lingustic skills.

Live your life literary

Somone who deals with literary products of a higher quality will enjoy the sensation that descriptions, portraits may create a whole world, that a person one may discover in a book may actually turn into a „friend“ for a period of time. What a shame if someone never gets to know this pleasant feeling but just presses some button and is confronted with pictures, noise, and prefabricated thoughts.
Who knows, one day books will no longer be avalibale, they will have become extinct!