Magazines – even though the Internet has become a major source of information magazines will definitely continue to be attractive to anyone who wants to actually „hold“ something in their hands.

Magazines are fun

Everyone has had the experience as a child or adolescent that one could identify growing up, making progress by means of moving on to the next magazine generation. First there may have been Micky and his friends, animals, cartoons of a simpler type. The next step would be teeny magazines for the girls, first crushes on pop stars or actors to be „cut out“. Then specialist magazines might come along, which show in which direction a person`s life might go professionally.

There are so many different types available

Magazines for adults would be next, and this is where the trouble may start because there is such a jungle today, such a great variety that it may at times be confusing to find one`s way through it and get both proper information and entertainment. But it is also a very pleasant experience to flip through magazines that one would normally not buy either because they are far too expensive or maybe not your style. Visiting the doctor may be a nice way to get to know the products one would normally never buy. While waiting for the drill to invade your oral cavity one may turn to the solace of discovering that yet another prominent couple is getting divorced. Or else one may finally get the grip of how to lay a table for 30 people the perfect way.

All this and much more can only be had when actually going through a „paper“ product; it is kind of a sensitive experience, far from merely obtaining information!
Mags are here to stay.