Writing is the art of painiting with words. Not only a hobby, but if there’s really talent in writing, anyone can be offered a really interesting job. The age doesn’t matter for a career in writing books, concepts, manuals oder scenarios. The most crucial part about writing is, that the writer has something to tell. A story for example or his personal story.

Find an interesting subject

And in order to have something to write about, you have to have had a very interesting live up to now. Writing is fun and witty. It can take up some time, but with the right amount of imagination you create a new world on your own. Making up characters, inventing new worlds, what a thrill. No wonder the writing profession is so popular among young people.

Writing for a newspaper

Maybe a graduate wants to work for a local newspaper or fashion reporter. A fashion reporter can go many places and talk to famous people. The art of interviewing is all about a good preparation and asking the right questions. Writing then about that interview is recollecting and sorting out the amount of information. Also the writer has to decide, what’s most important about the information. But a skilled reporter will know what’s most interesting to read for his audience including the headline. Headlines are most difficult – three words to capture the essence of a moment. Whether you choose to work for a newspaper or as an author, writing will keep your mind and body busy and pay the bills.